How I Did It, Rigging A Jet Ski

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I often get questions about how I did it or how much it cost, so I thought I would do a post on the subject. My brother recently purchased a used 2001 Yamaha SUV 1200 just like mine, I rigged it up for him and took some pictures of the process as well. Here is an approximate breakdown of the cost and some before and after shots.

Used 2001 Yamaha SUV
with 85 hrs. $5000

Chartplotter/ sounder $500

VHF/ Antenna $180

Optima Gel Battery $150

Custom Pipe Fabrication
Rod Holders/ Cooler $850

Marine Grade Hardware,
Wire connectors $200
Subtotal $6880

6 hours Brother Labor Priceless

2 days of driving around
picking up and delivering Priceless

Misc. Safety Equipment,
Flares, Mirror, Compass,
Spot GPS Tracker, Dye
Pack, Whistle, Air Horn,
Life Vest, Personal Strobe,
Anchor, Rope and Chain $500
Total $7,380

Mounted in aftmost of inner hull
Yamaha SUV wing compartment
Optima Gel Battery installed
VHF on forward Crossbar
GPS/ sounder on forward crossbar
Heading offshore
And then there was two


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