“Jacked Up” Fish Bites!

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If you like fish and you like spicy chicken wings, you will like this combination of the two. Here is something I threw together this evening for my wife’s weekly art group. They and I ate it all.

First get on your rigged up Yamaha pwc, run thirty miles offshore and jig up some Amberjack!

Fillet and cut up into chunks.

Get all your goods together.

Bread the fish with House Autry and Panko.

Dip them in some nice hot oil.

Sauce up the steaming, breaded chunks.

Serve it up on a platter with celery, ranch and blue cheese dressing.

I also breaded and fried some Mahi since the oil was already hot.

Here are a couple of pictures I took around my back yard the last couple of days.

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