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Rigging A Jet Ski Fishing Machine–Part 2
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Albert Martin of Martins Custom Structures in Gloucester called me up and said “I am done with your jet ski, come and get it and bring your wallet”. I must say I am totally thrilled with the way it came out. After a couple of months talking about it and several visits during the rigging of the pipe work to get things placed where I wanted, it is what I envisioned and then some. That is the advantage of custom fabrication, making something special to fit your needs. On this Yamaha SUV 1200, I wanted to do something a little different. Primarily the front windshield. I do a lot of fishing in the winter and some days I cover a lot of ground. The windshield will keep the wind and spray off of my hands and face on those cold days in search of Striped Bass along the Virginia and North Carolina Coast. I still need to finish up some wiring and strapping. Then I will get it “wrapped”. Part one of the rigging is under my categories Brian’s blog or click this link;

Here are some pictures describing what was done.

To be continued…

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by Brian on August 22nd, 2010 in Rigging A Jet Ski Fishing Machine–Part 20 Comments »
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